What is an NER MBBS Exam?

The idea to convert the current MBBS Exam to a national Exit Test (NER) would breathe new life into the stale system which has been stiflingly slow in coming to terms with the modern world’s changing norms. The current MBA course of study is a multi-tiered and complex one. There are different levels of study to suit the requirements of every student, from beginners up to the advanced ones.

In order to pass the MBBS examination, students would have to follow a complicated and diverse set of syllabus which may include the study of mathematics, history and business. The current curriculum also entails a great deal of lab work, practical work and practical applications in the real world. In order to pass the test, the student has to be able to analyze the results and make good use of the data in order to solve problems which could impact the lives of others. It is a highly structured course and one has to adhere strictly to the syllabus.

The NER would add another layer of rigour in the present system of MBBS. This would also help the management and the business community understand the need for radical change in their existing set of strategies in the industry. They would also be able to assess the effectiveness of different strategies in real-world scenarios and give a clear indication whether it has worked or not. These two facts can be compared with the current MBBS exam which is a rather dry one. To make matters worse, the current exam system is not aligned to the international curriculum and it also fails to acknowledge the fact that the global market is a very dynamic and competitive one.

An NER MBBS course would ensure that students understand how to handle the present and future challenges in a global context. It would also help the students in applying these skills in a much more effective way as compared to the present method. This would also help them to analyze the present and potential future circumstances and come up with a well thought out plan for the best use of the present resources.

Currently, the exam is conducted only on paper. As a result, most students find it a very tedious and difficult experience. They find it difficult to sit the examination due to the lack of focus and motivation. On the other hand, a NER system would help students to study in the real-world setting where they will be required to carry out a lot of activities and use hands on situations which will make it a lot easier for them to study efficiently.

The NER exam would also help students to analyse their weaknesses and strengths as it gives them a chance to practice their ability to analyze the same. and improve their weaknesses so that they can emerge as better professionals.

It would also help students to understand the importance of working with other people on the job and learn to communicate with them effectively so that they can be on equal grounds and communicate their ideas and thoughts without any hassles. Moreover, students would be able to build up their interpersonal skills and become good listeners and team players in order to understand the needs and requirements of their fellow employees and colleagues. The exams on paper are quite boring, but they would get a break from the rigidity of studying on paper if they would be given a chance to do a more hands-on approach while studying.

The NER exam would also help students to improve on other important subjects such as teamwork and negotiation skills which will come to light in the real world. As it would help them become better managers of the other aspects of their business and make better use of their talents.

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